Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Which Candidate Will Raise Your Taxes?

Excellent web page from slsinsf, my BFF in SF. uses a small computer program (or servlet for the technically inclined) to figure out the approximate tax cut (if any) you would receive under an Obama presidency and under a McCain presidency. (The underlying mathematics was derived by the independent and non-partisan Tax Policy Center and based on the economic plans available on each candidate's web sites.) As most McCain supporters believe Obama will raise their taxes, here is a real-time way of finding out (roughly) what each presidency will mean to your personal bottom line.
I would receive no tax cut under an Obama presidency but money isn't everything. Truth, compassion, and honesty are part of the picture. Oh, and health. Don't get me wrong, money's there too; I'm just not an extremist.

1 comment:

  1. I WOULD get a tax cut! Myah-na-na-na-nana! And I'm going to spend it ALL on paying my bills and getting more DVDs!