Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bride's Side: A New Comedy for the Stage

Ohmigod, the first public reading of my play, The Bride's Side, is happening on Monday, Nov. 5, 2007. Here's a synopsis:

The Bride's Side of the family is the focus as Philip and Rosie Newman lead a caravan of their adult children to the wedding of their grand daughter. On the way, cars are driven, pipes are smoked, trousers are dropped, and butterflies are released; but nothing erodes the enthusiasm of the bride's side for life, for family and for each other - even the secrets they spill as the bride and groom unwittingly cut the cake.

The reading will be held at the Crossroads Theatre at the corner of 27th and Welton Streets (2590 Washington Street) in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit the play's page on my web site at There will be a talk back following the reading where your comments and suggestions will be most welcome.