Friday, July 25, 2014

The Ellen Burstyn Show (1986)

These six videos were posted (and originally recorded on VHS tape, I assume) by lovelightpeace. They include the meat of a couple of episodes of The Ellen Burstyn Show, a situation comedy that ran on ABC for 13 episodes in 1986 and the summer of 1987. The videos don't include title credits, commercials or end credits and the episodes run into each other but seem to be complete.

The show had three powerhouse actresses in Ellen Burstyn, a very young Megan Mullally and an even younger Elaine Stritch (big kiss) as grandmother, mother and daughter (not respectively) all living under the same roof. Megan Mullally's character also has a young son played by Jesse Tendler, a very natural child actor who holds his own against these ladies. The first follows the family dog's pregnancy and the second has Mullally's character trying her hand at mom Burstyn's profession: writing. For a sitcom, the writing is intelligent...which holds no surprise when I see Ellen Burstyn's name attached to the title.