Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DREAM ON: The Official ABBA Bootlegs

How can a bootleg be official? I made it so on ABBAnatic: The Alternative ABBA Web Site.

It's been over twenty years since I bought my last ABBA bootleg. To this day, I still receive email missives from ABBA hoarders begging me to sell a copy of Little White Secrets or the three volume Missing Pieces. And you know what, despite my previous responses in the negative, I've decided it's time to upload files of these bootlegs to this here Internets (sic) so ABBA fans the world over can enjoy them as much as I have. No money need change hands.

The first files to drop are the tracks from Dream On. This cd is subtitled Solo Rarities & Guest Appearances and it lives up to the moniker. From the remixes to a healthy sampling of songs vocalized by Michael Tretow, ABBA's long-time engineer, this cd is one of my personal favorites. The sound quality runs from very good to tolerable (the Tretow songs). Most of it was recorded directly from vinyl. Dream On Too is the companion CD and will be available soon.
  1. SOS (3:17)
    This, Agnetha's Swedish solo version of the ABBA classic, is commercially available on other compilations, specifically På Svenska.
  2. Yo No Fui Quien Dijo Adios (4:06)
    This is the Spanish version of Agnetha's single I Wasn't The One Who Said Goodbye.
  3. I Won't Let You Go (5:54)
    An excellent remix of one of my favorite Agnetha songs. The original is on the album Eyes Of A Woman.
  4. Let It Shine (3:44)
    This mix, subtitled The Bright Remix, is just that, a brighter, more dance-oriented mix of the cut from Agnetha's final album I Stand Alone.
  5. The Last Time (6:50)
    This extended remix is also off Agnetha's album I Stand Alone.
  6. Shine (6:23)
    This extended remix is taken from the title tune of Frida's 1984 album Shine.
  7. Fernando (4:09)
    This, Frida's Swedish solo version, is commercially available on other compilations, specifically På Svenska.
  8. Chiquitita (5:19)
    Recorded live at the United Nations, this cut was released only on the UNICEF concert album The Gift of Song; now out-of-print. The best part is hearing Gilda Radner introduce the group in her best put-upon Swedish accent.
  9. Bravo Tu As Gagne (4:37)
    A beautiful French version of The Winner Takes It All by the esteemed Mireille Mathieu - she of the black hair helmet and glasses. Her voice has a timbre similar to Agnetha and with Benny, Bjorn and Frida providing backup one could almost swear ... A real find on this cd!
  10. Paper Dolls (3:23)
  11. Bottom Coming Up (2:47)
  12. Moonbeams (2:49)
  13. I Can See What You Mean (3:25)
  14. Sandwich (2:57)
    The five songs above feature Michael Tretow, ABBA's long-time engineer, on lead vocals. Benny and Bjorn play piano and guitar, respectively and Agnetha and Frida sing back-up. Curiosities at first, I enjoy listening to them, especially Moonbeams; a song that only lists Agnetha on piano and Frida with backing vocals.
Email me or leave a comment if you'd like a link to download a ZIP of the music and CD art.
9/10/14 : I received a cease and desist order so unfortunately the download is no longer available. Enjoy the text, add a comment telling me how much you enjoyed it and sign it with an email address so I can say thanks.