Friday, November 25, 2011

The Andrea True Re-Connection

A few years back I wrote about the Andrea True Connection and my search for the Connection leader's final (solo) LP, War Machine. The gist of the article though was how I managed to obtain the Connection's second LP, White Witch digitally.

  1. Buy the Andrea True Connection import compilation CD called More, More, More. There are many with this title but it must be this specific one.
  2. Import tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 13 into iTunes.
  3. Resequence a play list so 13 comes before 3.
  4. (Optional) Buy the Right Stuff compilation CD More More More. (I told you.)
  5. (Optional) Import tracks 8 and 10.
  6. (Optional) Add the single versions of What's Your Name, What's Your Number and N.Y. You Got Me Dancing to the play list as bonus tracks 8 and 9.
  7. Burn the play list and you have White Witch (plus bonus tracks) on CD.

This, of course, was written before you could download a rip of the White Witch LP. To date I have yet to find War Machine, True's foray into rock and new wave that was only released in Italy, in any of the usual or non-usual avenues.*

Tracklisting link
Anonymous review link

Following this third release, True had surgery on her vocal cords and was never to sing again. War Machine is the holy grail of record finders (notwithstanding my assertion a few years back that Buckingham Nicks is the holy grail or that Heart's Magazine is the holy grail.)

This month comes the news that Andrea True has passed. 68 years young and she lived in Kingston, NY! I lived in Tillson for a spell but I never met Andrea True (as I had Viola Wills). I always respected True's career though; with a thin voice that didn't exhibit power, Andrea True wrote the rule book on how to capitalize on a sex tape.

Get the cameras rollin'
Get the action goin'

True was a working actress in many pornographic films before a non-pornographic job in Jamaica stranded her with no way to export her compensation. (The island country was going through a period of political upheaval at the time and cash was not allowed to be taken out.) She called her friend Gregg Diamond (of Bionic Boogie disco group) and asked him to come down and help her to record a song. She would pay for it with the cash and could leave the country with the demo. Aren't we all friends with big time disco producers?

More More More on TOTP

More More More was the fruit of their labors (and True's cash). The track was credited to the Andrea True Connection, licensed to Buddah Records, remixed by Tom Moulton, and the rest, as they say, is disco history. Or at least can be read about at Andrea True's entry on Wikipedia. Here is a list of things that aren't on Wikipedia.

  • This video for the single War Machine from the elusive War Machine LP has surfaced on my YouTube account.

    Sounding like Grace Slick in a 70s rock setting

  • Here is a SFW edit of one of Ms. True's 70s flicks called The Seduction Of Lyn Carter.

    This is part 1. Part 2 is here.

    The VHS cover is misspelled.

  • Here is a NSFW JPG of Andrea True performing in Dance Of Love, her 1974 opus.

  • A musical entity named Magna sampled True's Party Line (from the More More More LP) in a song called Power Supply.

    Sampled? It's a remix.

  • Contrary to urban legend, the Andrea True Connection is not a one hit wonder. NY, You Got Me Dancing was released before, but included on, White Witch, the second LP; it hit the top thirty.

    Andrea name-checked the most famous gay discos in New York
    (Barefoot Boy, 12 West and the suspect, Regine's)
    in this dance club smash

  • Andy P samples What's Your Name, What's Your Number on Name & Number. True's original track was also released before, but included on, White Witch, the second LP; it hit the top sixty.

    Sampled? Just another remix

  • True appeared in the 2005 documentary Inside Deep Throat about the infamous porn flick. She appears in its 1974 sequel Deep Throat Part II.


  • Of course, there's the rightly ubiquitous More More More-sampled top 10 smash Steal My Sunshine.

    Loved hearing this rediscovered in 1999

RIP White Witch. You are remembered as someone who gave pleasure - with your music.

Dabblin' in reggae

Looking fetching!

*Now, you too can have a digital version of War Machine. Email me for a link to this rarity - if none of the options in the comments below are available anymore.

More More More has been covered by many artists over the ensuing years including Rachel Stevens and Bananarama. Babes In Toyland took the song in a rockin' direction. Take a listen.