Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCan't and Sarah Palisn't

UPDATE: I felt I should update this post with the real reason I started using these names for John MCain and Sarah Palin. I was walking my dog through the neighborhood and saw a few houses with signs that read, in the Obama campaign blue color and font, NOBAMA - with a slash through the O. I felt that was a deceptive way of supporting your candidate (similar to the types of things I've read about in previous campaigns). So, being the writer, I went to the place of turning the last names McCain and Palin into grammatical negatives. And McCan't and Palisn't is what I came up with. Not as polished sounding but I only have until Nov. 4. Now I've written a few entries and, although I like the flow of the titles (Cindy McCan't: Take the Heat - very cute), I do understand that using these names is like putting a sign up on my lawn. I am a little embarrassed so maybe I'll stop. Oh...we'll see.

John McCan't govern this country with intelligence and foresight as he's proven with his consistent pandering to special interests and lying in the television advertisements that he approves. All for a vote. Does he believe in this country? Or in himself as a President?

Sarah Palisn't qualified to be Vice President. Can McCan't, with the millions of citizens in the United States, not find a person with more than 4 years of municipal and state experience to run this country in case he, THE 73 YEAR OLD MAN AT THE TOP OF THE TICKET, dies?

Ptth. Ptth.

That's taking this country into the 21st Century using a little red wagon.

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