Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cindy McCan't: Take the Heat

And she's nowhere near the kitchen. She's on The View.

All this relates to her appearance last week with John. A lot seems to have gone down following the interview and I thought it was neatly and fairly summed up in this segment from CNN's Showbiz Tonight.

But most important is one of the commentators. I don't know who you are are Lauren Lake but, girl, you are my new best friend!


  1. FYI, Michael.........your Cindy McCain clip didn't load. Just a big blank vacuous spot.

    Is this meant to signify the same about Mrs. McCain?

  2. Try it again, Sam. I just replaced the embed code (although nothing was different) and it works for me now. At the least, here's a link to the CNN page the video is on.

    You can't miss Lauren Lake.