Saturday, August 9, 2008

See CARRIE The Musical Online

On May 12, 1988, a friend called me a little before midnight apologizing that he hadn't telephoned earlier in the evening as planned.

Original Television Commercial

We got into Kennedy around 6 and had to grab a cab and run to the theater to see Carrie.

Carrie? The musical? It opened tonight.

Yea. I saw it.

You're kidding. What did you think?

It was electrifying. The standing O's were flying left and right. The show is intense and wonderful. I absolutely loved it. People were screaming and clamoring for more. It was incredible.

I guess I don't have to get my tickets just now. It'll run forever.

We all know how that turned out. The show closed opening night and turned into one of the most notorious flops in American theatrical history.

Opening number, In

But now you can watch CARRIE The Musical online in this version's entirety. (More info on that non sequitor in wikipedia.) Emerson College has staged and recorded an unlicensed production of the musical (for which amateur performing rights have never been released). They cut the video up into bite size pieces, uploaded the clips to YouTube, created a channel and, with a click on the full screen button, you are right there in the theater.

Open Your Heart/And Eve Was Weak

It's a good production too. There is no cast listing but the woman who played Margaret White is top-notch. Carrie - less so but she did grow on me. The gym teacher is very good as well. And the camera work is not imposing. Close-ups at the right time and zoom outs when called for. Excellent - only in the final scene of Act 2 is it a little out of view but I'm sure the photographer knew it as filming was proceeding and was pulling his (or her) hair out. Too bad.

Evening Prayers

The show itself is intense and emotional. Carrie The Musical is adapted from Stephen King's novel by Lawrence D. Cohen with lyrics by Dean Pitchford and music by Michael Gore (of Fame fame). And some of the music IS electrifying. I was getting all ferklempt watching this on YouTube. And since, I have found a treasure trove of clips from the original Broadway production. Betty Buckley as Margaret White is astonishing (play And Eve Was Weak) and I kick myself for not dropping the phone and going to see this show twenty years ago. Damn. Linzi Hateley (who is currently playing Donna in Mamma Mia on the West End) as Carrie is also excellent. Enjoy them now 'cause it was a moment in time. Although it's interesting to note that making a movie into a Broadway musical is a lot more common today than it was in 1988.

I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance

Wotta Night

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