Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Tour 2008: DNC Day 1

ABC News is streaming the Democratic National Convention live with commentary by creaky Sam Donaldson and some other guy who looks more like a geek. This is online gavel-to-gavel coverage. Television has High School Musical and an hour of DNC highlights. Pretty cool.

It sounds like a gay man...excuse me - a gentleman with a semi-pronounced lisp...is announcing Howard Dean as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Nancy Pelosi drones on. I appreciate her but she's not someone with whom I've always agreed. I go out to the back yard to clean leaves from the pond and return to find her STILL talking.

Is Howard Dean still a Governor? How come he is introduced as Governor Howard Dean but I am not introduced as Tax Collector Teger?

Ted Kennedy brings electricity to the Pepsi Center. The crowd was immediately drawn to him and his recent health issue. Intersperse this with shots of Caroline, Maria, Patrick, and the other male cousin and the Kennedy mantle is clearly being bestowed upon Barack Obama.

Oy, an invocation. Can't we just keep God out of it? Means nothing to me.

Craig Robinson introduces his little sister with some childhood tales. Immediately responded to him because of my own experiences with a little sister.

[Barack's] a blank slate right now so we project all our dreams and hopes and desires on him. But he'll be a president for everyone.

Michelle is poised, confident, passionate, defined, articulate, giving, and lovely. Her speech inspires and brings emotions to the fore. She talks of her parents, Her family, her daughters, and Barack and charmed everyone. The crowd loves her and the couple's two daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, who gave us a true glimpse of the family when Barack peered through a video window after his wife spoke. Very effective.

The gavel comes down on Day 1, Sam Donaldson says good night and I finally hear the geek's name: Rick Klein. Nice job, Rick.

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