Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Rabbit Brush

I touched a $1500 cocktail dress designed by William Travilla at the Vintage Fashion Expo. He dressed Marilyn Monroe. Scoped out a few $400 lucite purses with antique metal clasps of all intricacies. Saw a $600 pearl neck collar that draped like flapper beads and a $1200 Coco Chanel suit - in which no figure that reflects back at me in the mirror would fit.

So I bought a hair brush.

The booth's curator walked over to me as I picked it up.

I knew this rabbit brush would go fast. Its fabulous.

I know. I replied. It reminds me of the horrible face Fiver made when he and the other rabbits were forced out of the meadow by man's tractors in the animated film version of Watership Down.

After an awkward moment of silence, I continued.

I can't stop looking at it so I think I should buy it.

I smiled, plunked down the cash and became the proud owner of a rabbit brush

After lunch I washed my hands so I could take my new rabbit brush out of the bag and look at it. As I turned it over, in the light of the cafe, I could see some etching. I mentioned this to my friend.

Michelle, there's some etching on the back of the handle.

What's it say? asked Michelle through the mastication of her veggie burger.

I need glasses. I anguished until my arms were as long as my eyes needed. Oh, wait. I can see. it says 'HARE BRUSH'.

Oh, hair brush, yea. said Michelle, still masticating.

Ohmigod. No. H-A-R-E brush - like the four-legged rabbit.

The Hare Brush. Now I get it.


  1. Love your little hare-brush!! It's funny when I first saw the picture the first thing I thought of (since it was on your blog) was Watership Down!! It will fit perfectly in your house!!

  2. So I was given a brush almost identical to this one today however someone converted it into a mirror so it took me a minute to realize it was originally and cleverly made as a brush. this is the only article or picture or anything I can find with the same brush. I'm curious if place you got yours had any information on it.