Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Mad Men Elevator Waiting Area Fashion Showdown

We are in the middle of season 4 and Mad Men is still one of the best television shows on the air.

At the end of episode 9 (The Beautiful Girls), there is, what I call, the Mad Men Elevator Waiting Area Fashion Showdown between four women of the show: Joan (Christina Hendricks), Peggy (Elizabeth Moss), the incredible new character Faye (Cara Buono) and a brief yet pivotal appearance from Peggy's lesbian friend, Joyce (Zosia Mamet). Incredibly enough, there is no fabulously witty dialogue but I felt the scene mesmerizing enough to upload the clip so I can watch it whenever I want. Now you can too.

Thank you, Matthew Weiner and company for this incredible experience called Mad Men.

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