Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Vietnamese Lady Barber Hears With An Accent

Haircuts are getting less expensive. Thirty years ago I was paying $40; today I just paid $7 with a generous $5 tip. For a while I was paying nothing.

I had never been to this particular lady barber but figured whatever she does will grow out within a month anyway. Tina is very friendly and we were chatting away as she cut. I told her about Locks of Love and how I had donated my hair when I cut the length ten years before. She told me where she lived and about her dog Mimi. As she finishes the cut, Tina says:

I wuv shie cuwu. Sash un papa.

Huh? You what?

I wuv shie cuwu. Sash un papa.

You wu..? love!

Yes, she cawa.

Oh, the color. Yes. Salt and pepper. It looks good. I guess it could have been more salt than pepper which would be too much.

Huh? Tina asked.

More salt than pepper. Which could be too much. I replied.

More...huh? and Tina scrunched her face into the universal WTF? signifier. Then I had an epiphany.

More sash then papa would be too much.

Oh, yes. More sash too much. And she laughs.

My Vietnamese lady barber hears with an accent.

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