Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad DVD Cover Art: Day of the Dead Edition

When I first reviewed the 2008 reimagining of Day of the Dead, I had found the DVD in rotation at the Denver Public Library with this DVD cover art.

I investigated further and found out about the movie's straight-to-DVD status. Fast forward to San Jose, I decide to buy the movie (sometimes you have to) but the copy I bought had this DVD cover.

It also came complete with a slip case that simulates the motion of the zombie vomiting.

I knew something was amiss but didn't put together that this was not the same cover I had previously seen until I went to the Day of the Dead page on Amazon and found the movie advertised with this cover.

Further investigation unearthed this Kiwi version I found at the Day of the Dead Bad DVD Cover Art board.

Why bother?

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