Friday, November 7, 2008

Get Out of Denver

The invasion of the POD was Monday. The day on which the POD finished swallowing all our belongings was Wednesday. (That's 6600 pounds of food.)

The day on which the POD was met by it's keeper was Thursday.

Today is Friday. George and I signed the papers and deposited the check. Now we return to no-longer-our home, pile Max and Lucy into the truck and well, I guess Bob Seger said it best.

We'll be driving to San Jose, California, where it all began, via route...well, I guess Nat King Cole said that best.

With Election Day and Moving Day, this has been quite a week.


  1. I wish you the best Michael!! I am so glad I knew you for a brief, shining moment and got to share that class with you and Cathy. Those were good times that I will always cherish. Love you, Rhonda

  2. I'll miss you, even though we didn't really spark our friendship until July or so. Will miss the cheap sushi. :-) Of course, I've got a man and a mouse to connect with you through! I'll definitely look you up when I'm out in SF area. All my very best to you, George, and Max!

  3. Michael,
    Don't you know the way to San Jose is through New Orleans?
    Love ya!

  4. Rhonda, It was brief and shining in person but will continue in the virtual world until we see each other again. I will always remember you and the Denver theater community. Until

  5. Thank you, Sam. It has been fun these last few months. Kept me sane through the whole house rigamarole (sp?). And I know many houses de sushi in the Bay Area so, as the Bee Gees once sang so beautifully, come on over. (OK, OK, you can think of the Olivia Neutron-Bomb version. If that won't work, give me a moment and I'll come up with another suitable song title.)

    ...and look for Juno in the mail. She's had a wonderful time on the road!

  6. If only, Meesh! I would cherish another visit to the City Beneath the Sea so we'll make it happen soon enough. Love to you and Suzie from the boys (soon to be at) at sea level.