Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bill O'Reilly: Is It Live or Caricature?

In response to the story of Bill O'Reilly dismissing Fox and Friends image manipulation of the head shots of two New York Times reporters as caricature, I decided to do some digging to negate his point. You see, the talking suppository likened the subtly corrosive and unacknowledged use of Photoshop filters by the talk/news/blonde show to a caricature of many of his own heads that had earlier been published by the New York Times. Herewith is the caricature - that's air quotes, Bill - that was published by the paper.

And here is my research: a montage of actual photographs of the bombastic cloudmouth. And in a spasm of sisterly generosity I am declaring that two of the photographs in the montage were vertically reflected to better mimic the original illustration. (Ohhhhh, does that make those two pictures caricatures? Or just pictures where the part in your hair is on the wrong side?)

The illustration's not so much a caricature now, is it, Bill? (Here are the two pieces of art side by side.) Looks like something for your office; like a Warhol.

The worst part of this project was having to look at this guy's punim until the montage was finished - that's Yiddish, Bill. What a baby. Wahh! Wahh!

And finally here is the old Memorex commercial (to which the title alludes) with Ella Fitzgerald and Chuck Mangione. Why? Because I don't want the last thing someone takes away from this read to be Bill O'Reilly's punim.

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  1. LOVE IT! And thanks for Chuck and Ella at the end, too.
    One thing about reading your blogs: I'm learning Yiddish, little by little!
    Keep 'em coming, Michael!