Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 5 Queens on the N Word

This morning, five queens discussed Jesse Jackson's first-ever use of the N word in private. The world is stunned.

Let's face it, honkies. They can use it if they want. We can't. Ever.

Anyway, this was the scene on live television:

  • The Dreadlock Queen uses the N word to get the Blonde Queen to ease up on her desire to force her blonde-non-use of the evil word on everyone.

  • The Comedy Queen used it with her family, uses it with her family, and will no doubt continue this trend in the future with her family but she don't want to hear it coming from my mouth.

  • If you listen closely, the Beautifully (and I mean that) Preserved Queen errs on the side of blonde fascism. (See first bullet.)

  • The Italian Queen ends it all with a crack, adding zero substance to the roundtable.

And it's riveting TV.

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