Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Watch and Wear: Oscar Micheaux

Oscar Micheaux was an African-American film director and author. At the time of their release, his black cast films were categorized as race movies and played only theaters that catered to African-American audiences. This post is to introduce you to his work rather than his biography - which can be read (in short) on his Wikipedia page. Many of his films and books can be viewed and read (respectively) and downloaded from archive.org. Posters from several of his films can be worn on crew d'tees t-shirts - the only Oscar Micheaux fashion available!


Within Our Gates, 1920, silent

Ten Minutes To Live, 1932

Lem Hawkins' Confession also released as Murder in Harlem, 1935

Swing, 1938

Lying Lips, 1939


Conquest: The Story of a Negro Pioneer 1913

The Forged Note 1915

The Homesteader: A Novel 1917

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