Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thanks For The Mammaries, Jim Bailey

According to Playbill, Jim Bailey

'...dreamed of playing Broadway, and in 2001 landed a commitment from the Shubert Organization to open his biographical revue, Judy Garland Live! at one of its theatres on Oct. 16 of that year--50 years to the day after the real Garland opened a legendary stand at the Palace Theatre. The production was far along, with Joey McKneely signed to direct and choreograph and Ann Hould-Ward (Beauty and the Beast) providing the costumes. But after repeated delays the production failed to complete its capitalization and was finally "indefinitely" postponed.'
Jim Bailey might not have 'played' Broadway (although in a 2009 interview he said he was in the chorus of several Broadway shows) but he certainly 'played' the dames that played Broadway. RIP.

Interesting to see how Carol Burnett sets Jim's performance up
for his first appearance on The Carol Burnett Show. First she
introduces Jim in a tuxedo, explains what he does with pictures,
and finally introduces his performance in full drag. Probably the
only way to get female impersonation on television back in 1972.
Kudos to Carol for introducing Jim to America.

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