Saturday, May 24, 2014

crew d'tees - adventurously designed shirts

I've been creating graphics and collecting (public domain) illustrations for years. In California, I had the space to screen my designs on tee shirts like Andy Warhol but in New York I have no factory that's not digital. So I uploaded my images to, an on-demand screen printing site, and ordered some tee shirts. They looked great (much cleaner than my manuals) so I decided to offer them up for the one or two others on the internet who might like to wear one.

crew d'tees is the name of the shop and it's a riff on the French word crudité (raw veggies and dip) by way of a crew neck tee and the theme - an evocation of bygone days with some sex thrown in. I've also created designs to celebrate silent film! They can be fun and thought-provoking. Visit the shop by clicking the designer button above, or via this link. Here's a sampling of some tested images. I do reserve the right to add (or remove). More to come especially the really trashy ones.

All crew d'tees graphics and images are copyrighted and protected under copyright laws.

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