Monday, December 9, 2013

The Difference Between a $600 and a $100 Hotel Room

For $600*, you spend $500 more and experience:

  • Kate Moss when you enter the lobby

  • A bellman's ten minute tour of the room's features including 400 count bedsheets that are laundered until they feel like this

  • A room heating unit with a push button thermostat that has more arrows and numbers than the TV remote
  • Drowsiness from the lack of free coffee in the room and lobby
  • $15 for 24 hours of wifi - 6 of which you will never use because of check out time
  • Lots of channels on TV but no guide
  • A room card that also serves as an elevator key to keep non guests from entering the upper floors
  • Dog dishes in the room when you enter and a sink big enough for a bath - Max-approved

  • A bed that is too soft with pillows that are too hard
  • No swimming pool
  • A $7 fee to order room service on top of the cost of the food (which is also higher when you order room service)
  • Doormen that open the door for you - if they see you leaving - and hand you an umbrella if they see it's raining
  • Doormen that remember your name and your dog's name

And that, as they say, is that.

* Prices for the Surrey Hotel NYC versus the Grand Plaza Hotel Kingston include all applicable taxes and fees.

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