Saturday, May 18, 2013

Experience Totie Fields Live

WORLD INTERNET PREMIERE: The LP Totie Fields Live has been downloaded from my server by almost 75 people since 2009 (when I first made the LP available on the internet over at my blography on Totie) so this was the first anyone had written that after listening to the first two tracks, it went "poof"... And when I tried to find it in my computer files -- there was nothing there.

Poofing is a new term when one considers I've been working in the Silicon Valley for fifteen years. I wanted to respond No, I will not fix your computer but these were files that I was providing so I had to do something. Then I got the most scathingly brilliant idea.

The LP cover

I would post these tracks to YouTube so more people can discover Totie. So in honor of the Totie Fields blography (keeping Totie alive) and Totie herself, here is my third WORLD INTERNET PREMIERE: the nine tracks from Totie Fields Live. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

(1) Introduction/Sexy Me

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(2) Shopping

(3) Arlene Dahl

(4) Celebrities

(5) What Is Happiness

(6) Panty Hose

(7) Mediterranean Cruise

(8) Las Vegas

(9) Weaver High School


  1. Thank you, can't find much else on this hysterically funny person. Saw her in person at Harrah's in Tahoe with sis and mom. Sat up front. Totie proceeded to 'work' the folks in the front row. She made fun of sis and I, and suddenly I noticed she looked at my mom and politely ended it. I looked at my moms face and she was getting upset with Totie's innuendos about sis and I. They were funny but a mom is a mom. At the end of the show, she strolled the front of the stage and got to us again and proceeded to literally talk to my mom and tell her how beautiful her daughters were and that she was reminded of her own two girls at home. Mom was smiling and puffed up with pride. It was truly a delightful evening, and what she was teasing my sister and I about was a little on the provocative side and a little dirty...but hysterical. When sis and I went to leave the showroom, lights came up and we stood up and every one in that showroom stopped and stared at us as we walked out (it was a long walk). It was a great memory with my mom as she passed away within a couple of years. So always enjoy any moment you have. I believe Totie died within 2 years of my mother. Two great losses.