Friday, March 25, 2011

Gaga Goes To Google And To Oakland

This hour long interview (conducted as a Google all-hands) reveals Lady Gaga to be an articulate­, intelligen­t, charmingly sweet and positively determined musician. She was asked all types of questions via YouTube, the interviewe­r and the audience, and answered each one with honesty and humor. I appreciate­d her discussed artistry, her waxing philosophical, and her recognition of her fans. And damn, those boots!

And damn, the Monster Ball at the Oracle Arena in Oakland! But unlike last year's ball, this time I just watched, sang and danced. The only numbers I hadn't seen were Gaga's two renditions of Born This Way: one jazz-like at her piano and the other, a club banger to end the show. It was incredible to watch us, her fans, giving as good as they got at the show's end.

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