Sunday, January 23, 2011

Liza Minnelli's Balls To You: The Lost Master

In December of 2010, TCM aired a new interview of Liza Minnelli as part of its Private Screenings series. During the interview, Liza told a story about her godmother Kay Thompson which ended with Ms. Minnelli spouting the phrase, Balls to you! When I saw that I thought, "What a kicky gal!"

Fast forward to mid-January 2011 and Liza has the fastest rising recording of her career with the myriad remixes of her Balls to You outburst. Here is the outburst from the original interview, put into context by host Robert Osbourne - the lost master, if you will.

And here is my favorite remix. It has a classical feel similar to the disco version of Could It Be Magic.

And if you can't live without more balls, here's the official Liza Minnelli Balls to You search page on YouTube. Among many short (two seconds) and long remixes (ten minutes), you can also relish the radio friendly five minute mix, the early 80s vibe of ¡REM!X¡FY THAT! ep.5, the ubiquitous Autotune Remix, or the techno vocal mash called simply Liza Minnelli (Remix).

Liza's got almost as many lives as Cher!

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