Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Was the Wrong Item

I bought a USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA adapter cable the other day at MicroCenter, Santa Clara, CA. I took it home, opened my 13 years Mac G3 with its handy dandy side handle and plugged the cable into the internal hard drive - hoping to create access to the unknown but probably brilliant artifacts that might lie with on it.

I plugged in the power cord. I plugged in the 3.5" optical drive plug. The hard drive starts into whirring. But nothing miraculous appeared on my desktop. It was supposed to be so easy. Through further inspection there seemed to be a missing pin on the male side of the drive plug. Was that the reason the hard drive was not appearing? I don't know but whatever the reason, it was obviously not working.

So I brought the cable back to MicroCenter, pristinely repackaged in like new condition to avoid a 15% restocking fee (which would've pissed me off to no end). The customer service rep (as it stated on Kelsey's name tag) asked me what the matter was with the item.

Well, it was actually missing a pin from what my hard drive had so it didn't work for my purposes. It wasn't the right item for me.

Kelsey checked off Customer didn't want. I noticed another option, Wrong item, that seemed more in line with my situation.

Uh, Kelsey, I said it was not the right item. I would love this cable if it were, in fact, the right item for my purposes. But it is not. It is the wrong item.


Well, Customer didn't want makes it seem like I'm being belligerent or something. But I'm not. I just bought the wrong item.

Do you want it?


Here's your receipt. We've credited 17.46 back to your American Express.

Thank you.



  1. I miss that Microcenter. It was such a great store and had an awesome return policy. I bought my last computer there on a great deal. I'm still using it, in fact. Too bad that retail space couldn't work out an amicable rent deal and they simply moved out.

    I know this post is years old, but... The pin was likely not the issue. As for your HD not being found, I'm assuming it may have been an IDE drive? Also, you don't mention what you were attempting to plug the USB side into. The HD should have been found fine plugging it into another Mac. However, plugging it into Windows, you won't see anything without a driver. Of course, if you couldn't turn the Mac on, the HD could have easily been fried. I guess we'll never know.

  2. Haha - I had to read this again to see what it was about.

    I couldn't believe when I heard about the rent/closing of MicroCenter. Now I just order online; Fry's ain't getting my business!

    It was a Mac to Mac connection. I think I attempted plugging it into my MBP. Alas, the HD is still in my garage waiting for me to figure it out. Thanks for the comment, Brian. best, michael