Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I took out the pink wig...

...and made a music video.

It's a multimediacal (sic) mashup of the Patsy Cline chestnut Crazy and the phenomenom that is Britney Spears. Ms. Spears might think she invented the pink wig but, in fact, I was wearing it long before her.


  1. Love it--you are way more exciting to watch than BS

  2. Oh, Brit! You shameless tart, you! Don't you know you know that you should hold up your sweet kids to the world while you're singing the blues....I mean, damn it! Brit, you are the only ONE! The hell with what that ole judge says! Live it up, girl! I'll even spring you from rehab so we can go W-I-L-D for a night or two! I LOVE YOU, BRITNEY! XOXO Sam

  3. Oh, Brit....I forgot yo mention that I heard recnetly that your and K Fed's annual income could help the US actually pull out of the war and help sustain the government in Iraq for at least a couple of years. OKOK, so that's a stretch....but you probably, single-handedly, could get the country OUT OF DEBT! So, get with it, girl, and stop this recession! Love you- S.

    (see: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/britney-spears-a-small-factor-of-the-recession/