Friday, December 8, 2017

How Joan Crawford Broke Into The Movies

Joan Crawford. The very whisper of her name sends shivers down the roots of rose bushes everywhere.

How I Broke Into The Movies is a book published in 1930. It contains 60 articles on the title theme, written by movie stars of the day. Each star has a portrait on the left page and text they've (purportedly) written on the right page with the star's hand-written signature at the bottom for validity. The previous articles I've published are:

I will continue publishing articles until the book is digitized. Here is the WORLD INTERNET PREMIERE of How I Broke Into The Movies written (in her own words) by Joan Crawford.

How I Broke Into The Movies Joan Crawford picture
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How I Broke Into The Movies by Joan Crawford
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Some interesting Joan links

Joan does radio
Hollywood Star Playhouse: January 15, 1951 "Statement In Full"
Screen Directors' Playhouse: May 26, 1950 "Flamingo Road"
Screen Guild Theatre: October 15, 1939 "None Shall Part Us"
Silver Theatre: May 7, 1939 "The Train Ride"
Suspense: June 2, 1949 "The Ten Years"
Suspense: March 22, 1951 "Three Lethal Words"
Stars Over Hollywood: October 6, 1951 "I Knew This Woman"
Stars Over Hollywood: March 1, 1952 "When The Police Arrive"

Joan plays Password

Late 1962, Post Baby Jane
Pre The Caretakers release

Joan in Rain, 1932

Joan Crawford is Sadie Thomson in Rain 1932

Joan speaks German

Joan Crawford's scene from Wir schalten um auf Hollywood
an MGM promotional film in German from 1931

Joan on Pinterest