Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dorothy McNulty IS Good News 1930 Style

Until Good News, the 1930 musical film version of the 1927 Broadway musical, is released on DVD (or available to download as an out-of-print movie), all we have are clips, advertisements and posters.

Our first clip has the lovely and lively brunette thriple threat Dorothy McNulty singing, and dancing a heavy-footed yet energetic Charleston in The Varsity Drag, arguably the most famous song from the musical. Ms. McNulty's cartwheels near the clip's end prove the lady's acrobatic.

The next clip is Good News, the title tune. Once again Ms. McNulty (eight years before she dyed her hair blonde and began ten years as comic strip heroine Blondie Bumstead in movies and TV) sings with abandon but this time she adds a split to her wonderful acrobatics. Al Rubber Legs Norman is also on hand to provide more eccentric dancing.

The final Musical Interludes clip includes I Feel Pessimistic played on a ukulele and sung by an adorable Cliff Edwards, If You're Not Kissing Me sung by a chorus and then Stanley Smith and Mary Lawlor (of the original 1927 Broadway production), The Varsity Drag, The Best Things In Life Are Free sung by Stanley Smith and finally Good News. The uploader was also kind enough to include the credits.

I witnessed the 1975 Broadway revival of Good News starring Alice Faye, Gene Nelson and Stubby Kaye on opening night. I loved the show but it posted closing notices the next day because of abysmally bad reviews. ¯\(ツ)/¯ This stagey 1930 version is the closest I will probably ever see to a theatrical production of Good News. I'll keep looking and let you know when I find it. I always do.

*Dorothy McNulty photo attribution

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Old Whalers Church and Burying Ground

I recently drove the eastern stretch of Sunrise Highway on Long Island to see the Hamptons for the first time. I now get the Hamptons. It's possibly the most arborous area of an island that I am finding I don't know that well. Driving through Quogue, Southampton, Hampton Bays, and Sag Harbor gave me the opportunity to see an area I never saw when I was growing up here.

As I drove through Sag Harbor, I happened upon the Old Whaler's Church. The church itself was not open but The Old Burying Ground always is! Some of these grave markers are illegible thus the map at the entrance. Still and all, one of the great, historic cemeteries to see. It also seems, from the front gate, that the church is home to the Hamptons GLBT Center. More coolness.

And best of all - Max approves!